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5 DIY Christmas Ornaments Made from Your Tree

When you buy a fresh Christmas tree, you end up with some extras, from the wood slices from the trunk to the twigs and branches cut from the bottom. Read More

A Farmer's Guide to Christmas Tree Care

Most people love having a real Christmas tree. But one thing we don't love? Trying to keep the tree fresh through the holiday season. As the ones who care for your tree from planting to harvest, we're answering top Christmas tree care questions to keep your tree looking as good as it did on the farm. Read More

The History of Christmas Trees Timeline

The tradition of Christmas trees began early in world history — even earlier than Christmas itself! In this post, we see how traditions have changed and what's stayed the same throughout the years. Read More

How to Shop Local in Madison this Christmas

As we enter the time of the year when we are all spending more, we should remember to invest our resources where they matter most: At locally owned and operated shops and farms. In this post, we offer three ways to shop local. Read More

What Is the Life Cycle of a Christmas Tree?

In this post, we will take you through the entire life cycle of one of our pine trees, from a small seed in your soil to a full-grown tree in your living room. Read More

13 Christmas Tree Facts

As the weather gets chilly, most of us are thinking about the approaching holiday season. Let us share our love of Christmas trees and the local farms that produce them with these fascinating Christmas tree farm facts. Read More

7 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Need some ideas for decorating your Christmas tree? Check out our seven favorite ideas this year for decorating your farm-grown Christmas tree. Read More

How to Care for Your Farm-Grown Christmas Tree

When a Christmas tree is cut, more than half its weight is water. With proper care, you can maintain the quality of your tree. Keep reading for fifteen tips for caring for your live tree. Read More

8 Tips on Selecting your Tree at a Retail Lot

Use these 8 practical tips to be a more informed consumer and to ensure a great experience with your real Christmas tree. Read More

Bailing Christmas Trees at the Farm [Video]

Thinking about getting a real Christmas tree this year but not sure how you'd get it on your car? This video shows the Christmas tree baling process we use to allow us to get many trees on a truck without damage and we use a very similar process after we help you select a perfect tree. We'll bale it and tie it to your car for NO extra charge!  Read More